Shop Themenheft 2014 The return of the Landi Chair

The return of the Landi Chair

There once was a chair which was like something fallen from the skies. It stood on both the right and left shores of Lake Zurich, light, delicate and in shining silver. The chair is named after the Landesausstellung or Swiss National Exhibition, where it made its debut appearance in 1939. Hans Coray designed it in a short space of time and 1500 chairs were produced by the metal goods factory, Metallwarenfabrik Wa?denswil. The chair design turned out to be so powerful that it was able to establish itself as a design classic and not just to fade from the history of design. Rolf Fehlbaum has created a new edition of the classic for Vitra because he believes in the strength of the design and understands how to create a contemporary version.

Der Landistuhl ist zurück (Deutsche Version)

Preis: CHF 15